R.I.P. Elvis

R.I.P. Elvis

 R.I.P. Luna

R.I.P. Luna
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Hosted Rooms

(April 03, 2008) The host is in the midst of doing updates and access to the rooms might be prevented while this is ongoing... Sorry for any inconvenience.

Click on a banner (TESTING) to be taken to that room.
Rooms with a green border have been posted in within the last 3 minutes. Rooms with a yellow border have been posted in within the last 10 minutes. Rooms with a red border have been posted in within the last 15 minutes. Rooms with a white border are presently inactive.

If you as a room owner had a room that is presently not showing, it was likely removed from the site due to an extended lack of activity. Rooms with no activity may be removed from the list until or unless the room owner requests otherwise - as long as the room owner didn't piss Syber off...

The following rooms have had no activity for at least 14 day(s).

The following rooms reached a span of at least 30 day(s) inactivity. They will remain in this section even if posted in. A post in one of these rooms within the last 30 days will cause the room to be displayed in Green.
If you believe this room should be listed as active, contact Syber with your request.
Asylum of the Dark Balamb Garden BloodLust
The Cattlegrounds Chaotic Illusions Club Murder
Cybertronic Wars Dark Shadow Temple Dark World By Night
Draconian Wolven Alliance DreamLand Duelist Kingdom
Eternal Darkness Evil Nights Foina Village
Gates Of The Fallen Hell Kalimdor
*Love and Missing* Love Shack Lunatic Cafe
Lupus' Test Mage Hall MageWolf's Realm
Main Hall Mist Of Avalon Mysterious Shadows
Onica Realm of Demons The Realm of Faerie
Riva Kingdom Room Of Desires Spike's Crypt
Syber's Closet Syber's Closet Tao Shrine
Rainbow Room Training Arena Twilight
Wicked Sin World Of Rock And Roll
We try to maintain a full list of our current Administration available for access via the Staff button. We have administrators to monitor the safety of all chatters and will try to ensure that all enjoy their stay. NO racial remarks will be tolerated since they are generally used to insult a specific social group and may be found offensive by our chatters of various ethnic backgrounds.

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