~ * Disclaimer * ~

  Welcome, any and all, that choose to enter the world by night. Where Vampires and Lycans, also referred to as Immortals, run free, unknown to the humans in a nearly 600yr old battle that was begun by Victor himself, one of three Elders that rule the coven by turn.
  Our story begins during Selene's absence. With Victor dead and Kraven busy elsewhere, the reins have fallen to two sisters by long time friendship and co-sanguineous connections. Trusted to keep the remainder of the coven a working team, in the hopes of keeping the Lycans under control and the humans ignorant to their presence, despite recent mistakes that slipped past their normally well kept masquerade.
  For now, this roleplay will be done as if the main characters of the movies are away dealing with their own problems. Any canons will be considered at a later date. If someone wishes to play a canon, they must inform either Milla or Isabelle to try for the parts as both will need to agree before playing the part can be allowed. If anyone has been found registering and trying to play said canons, they will be banned from the room and any later RP's.

We do not believe this is asking much from the people that would be involved and hope that all can conduct themselves in a mature manner befitting the true creatures we choose to portray.


Site Rules
  1. No derogatory racial remarks.
  2. ALL characters are welcome, including wolves, werewolves, vampires, and dragons.
  3. No Flooding.
  4. All your "beef" and "cat" fights - Please take outside. It ruins the atmosphere.

Additional Room Rules
  1. This is first and foremost a roleplay room. We both more than understand that some OOC chat may happen from time to time and we don't mind it. Our only exception is when it turns to anything personal. If you have problems with a person then please do NOT start anything or encourage any ongoing arguements. You and the other person WILL be booted for however long we feel is necessary. There's no reason whatsoever for arguing in the middle of what could be a potentially good chat environment when you've whispers, instant messengers and email at your disposal. And if you do not have these implements then that is not the problem of the room owners
  2. Also to disallow any god-moding in RP, we will be implementing the use of dice to determine the outcome of Immortals' attempts to convert a Human to Vampire or Lycan. That way there can be no dispute as to how things end up as it will be done fairly and there is no way that we the owners, or any other player, can manipulate the outcome. There will be more RP rules to come as we have the time to post them so please be patient, and in the meantime, enjoy the room and please do ask as many questions as you deem fit as we'd love any new idea's to make the RP that much more enjoyable for others, both in story line and in how it could be run.