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The use of this chat room is optional to those who visit this web site. The chat room is NOT moderated. The owner and maintainers of this site and Internet connection are not responsible for the content of any discussion herein and do not guarantee the usability or reliability of the programs. Participants "participate" by their own choosing and do so at their own risk.

If you are under 18 years of age you must let your parents or guardians know that you plan to visit and/or participate in this chat room as well as ask them to read and accept these terms. They should also visit a chat room to get a feel for what is typically discussed.


1. The Administrator Staff on this site occasionally monitors the chat rooms to ensure that users are following the rules and guidelines. They have the ability to "kick" or "ban" (disallow access) to users who are being disruptive or are not following the rules and guidelines. All decisions by the Staff are final.

2. NO advertising or commercial information unless directly related to conversations about such topics.

3. Please keep your discussions and content to subjects of interest to all participants. If you require or want to have a personal or private chat you will need to locate other Internet chat alternatives intended for one on one connections.

4. Discussions and/or comments that graphically describe sexual and/or violent acts, that would be considered unsuitable for children under 18 are permitted, thus if you are under 18 it is suggested that you get a parentís permission or do not chat here. However, "cybering" in the room will not be tolerated and will result in a kick. Multiple offenders will be banned.

5. Viewpoints from all political, ethnic, religious, gender, racial, national perspectives and age are welcome. Remember, your opinions are just as important as everyone else's, and vice-versa. Disagreement and debate is allowed.

6. Flooding is NOT ALLOWED! Flooding is considered to be repetitive posts that flood the chat room. This also includes flooding any chat room regardless of the hour or amount of chatters. Anyone caught flooding will have their name banned for an indefinite period of time until they can earn their name back.

7. Arguing with an Administrator or degrading one in open chat will result in an immediate kick and possibly a ban dependent upon the degree of the comment.

8. Ranks in this room DO NOT crossover from other rooms on this site. This room is based on the RP group the Mage Guardians and ranks are given with consideration to chatterís role in the RP and their repeated visits to the room. All promotions are handled by Tempus, the room owner.


1. When replying to a post, it is helpful to address the person by user name in the response.

2. We encourage the use of good grammar and spelling in all posts.

Signing in suggests you have read and understand the above terms.