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R.I.P. Elvis

 R.I.P. Luna

R.I.P. Luna
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Welcome to Psyberghost,

Psyberghost is a chat site with role play characteristics made for your enjoyment.

  • If you have any complaints or any serious ideas on how we can improve this site, please let us know by emailing to or chatting with any of our webcrew.
  • We at Psyberghost do not have any specific language or content limitation but do keep in mind that our site is not limited to those of an adult age.
  • Any minor that may converse or lurk (watch without participating) at our site will be deemed to have acquired parental permission for same.
  • Each of our rooms will have a disclaimer page showing more specific rules, including but not limited to, a preferred rating. Anyone entering a room will be deemed to have read and understood the disclaimer page and accepted its rules and behaviour limits.
  • Anyone behaving or conversing in a room at a level unacceptable for that room's rating can be subject to actions designed to prevent that.
  • Please behave accordingly and try to make the whole site enjoyable according to its rules.

Your journey shall begin with the path you choose to take. As you start your journey, you will meet strange beings... vast creatures of all shapes, sizes, colours, and species. Elves, Witches, Warlocks, Vampires, Fairies, Wolves, Gods, Demi-Gods, Mermaids, Titans, Warriors, Princes, Princesses, Kings, and Queens. Which will be your destiny to follow? Will you go down to the land in which PsyberGhost owns? So you can try it on with the wolves...? to the Sea and try to join or fight the people who inhabit its murky depths...? or to the forest and try to fight those who lurk behind each tree just waiting to strike...? The choice is yours and yours alone.. Make your choice wisely. For it may just be the last choice you make.


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