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Role Play's defination of role play

role-play (rolepla)
v. role-·played, role-·play·ing, role-·plays
v. tr.

To assume or represent in a drama; act out: “Participants are encouraged to pass on leads about jobs... and to role-play interview situations with each other” (Hatfield MA Valley Advocate).

Role-playing games have rules and regulations to help all players play certain story.

In most role-playing games, one person is the referee(In most cases the Room Owner), who can be thought of as the Editor of the story. The Editor puts a guideline to where this world or setting takes place. You and your friends and strangers, as Players, will take a character in this world, and you will guide your character through that story as you see fit. Each player takes a different character, and each character interacts with the other characters. Role-playing is Fantasy Acting. A good example for you would be someone who is role playing as a Dragon.. He or she may breathe fire, fly, or simply just sleep alot in big caves. Role Playings requiresimagination of you and your character acting in response to the situation.


In most games;board games, card games, gambling, and video games. There is a loser and a winner. There is no way of winning in role play or losing. One could say that dying would be losing, and some may say dying might be victory due to the characters goals if you've implemented any. You may give your character other goals, but your character’s success at these goals has no bearing on your winning or losing the game.


When its all done and said, what then? Well then you continue on more Adventures, more quests... Seek other goals once they are accomplished. Basically whatever you choose is what you play.


For someone who has been role playing for a long time. I(Phoenix) would say, that I have seen my fair share of God Moders. God Moders are people who intently challenge other role playings to a fight, after this they may lose a fight, or get killed. But claim that they are immortal and cannot die or they will say "No dude you didn't kill me.. I dodged it.. and I blocked the sword with my bare hands while flying in the air shooting flames out of my eyes and eating a hot dog at the same time!".. Other God Moders are these big barbarians who can shoot flames from their hands while weilding an eight foot blade with both hands. Role playing was mean't for friends to play with each other. So if you run into a God Moder just ignore them. Try to have fun with your friends because thats what Role Playing is all about.


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